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Biostatistics Students Win American Statistical Association Awards


In January, two Department of Biostatistics students won Student Paper Awards from the American Statistical Association (ASA).

PhD student Yuzheng Dun is one of the winners of the ASA Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics (SSGG) 2024 Student Paper Award. The paper, “A Robust Bayesian Method for Building Polygenic Risk Scores using Projected Summary Statistics and Bridge Prior,” was co-authored by Nilanjan Chatterjee, Jin Jin, and Akihiko Nishimura. 

ScM student Zhirui Fu is one of three winners of the 2024 Student Paper Award in the ASA Section on Risk Analysis. Fu will present the award-winning paper, “Semiparametric Change Point Model for Survival Outcomes in the Presence of a U-Shaped Risk,” co-authored by Yuxin Zhu, Yu Du and Mei-Cheng Wang, in a Joint Statistical Meetings 2024 session sponsored by the Section on Risk Analysis. 

Congratulations to both students and their advisers.