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Spotlight: Sarah-Marie Alam El Din, ScM '20

Sarah-Marie Alam El Din earned a Master of Science in Environmental Health.

Nicole Hughes

Sarah-Marie is a PhD student in the EHE department at the Bloomberg School. I study the uptake of heavy metals and I’m working with Dr. Rule and Dr. Bressler in the department and work kind of at the intersection between toxicology and exposure assessment but really focus more on toxicology.

How did your degree prepare you for your current and future roles in environmental science?

This degree prepared me perfectly for my PhD. It really laid the foundation of what I needed to know to complete my PhD program.  This was especially helpful because I made a shift in fields from chemistry to toxicology, so it allowed me to increase my understanding of toxicology and to see if I like the field before starting a PhD in the field. 

What is your favorite thing about living in Baltimore?

I think Baltimore is a really great approachable city. It’s really easy and fun to do things around the city. It's easy to get around but it’s also small, so if you want to get out of the city it’s very easy to go hiking. There are a lot of state parks nearby and it’s also close to the beach.

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