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Poster Competition Winners from the 2023 EHE Research Retreat

Nicole Hughes

Congratulations to the 2023 EHE Retreat Poster Competition winners!

First Place: Maureen Malloy, 4th year PhD student
Toxicology, Physiology and Molecular Mechanisms (TPMM)
Low Dose Ascorbate Sensitizes Glioblastoma Stem Cells to DNA Damaging Agents by Inducing DNA De-methylation and Altering the Chromatin Landscape
Adviser: Joseph Bressler

Second Place: Elsie Moore, 4th year PhD student
Environmental Sustainability, Resilience and Health (ESRH)
Title: Helping Local Governments Build Food System Resilience: A Mixed-Methods Embedded Intervention Design 
Adviser: Roni Neff

Third Place: Stephanie Wilcox, 3rd year PhD student
Geography and Environmental Engineering (GEE ) 
Modeling the Long-Term Impacts of Municipal Ordinance Driven Building Decarbonization
Adviser: Ben Hobbs

Fourth Place: Dylan Gaeta, 3rd year PhD student
Geography and Environmental Engineering (GEE)
Constraining U.S. Emissions of Sulfuryl Fluoride with Atmospheric Measurements and a Geostatistical Inverse Model 
Adviser: Scot Miller

The following criteria were used to judge the posters:

  • Clarity of question and conclusion,
  • Clarity of graphs and data,
  • Overall aesthetic and design,
  • Ability to understand in absence of presenter,
  • Clarity and effectiveness of presentation provided by presenter.

Congratulations to all of the students who entered the poster competition; there were many outstanding posters and lots of interesting research. 

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