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Summer Institute in Environmental Health and Engineering

Students get hands-on experience in various areas of environmental and public health.

Nicole Hughes

The Department of Environmental Health and Engineering's Summer Institute has begun. The Summer Institute was created to accommodate the growth in part-time and certificate programs within the Department, and is designed to provide training in key topics relevant to the practice and application of environmental health.

The Summer Institute has increased our academic offerings and resulted in additional resources for the Department to use in support of doctoral student training. Courses are designed for students who are interested in learning more about environmental health science concepts and for practicing public health professionals with responsibilities for health, safety, and environmental matters in government agencies, non-government organizations, and industry. Three full courses and two, one-day short courses are offered over approximately two weeks in June.

Here's what our summer institute alumni like about our courses:

...well-organized, packed with relevant and interesting information...The professor is...funny, energetic, and clearly cares deeply about teaching.

...the projects assigned were very helpful in understanding
how the class work fits into real world situations.
The instructors experience in actually determining and
implementing ergonomic solutions added greatly to the course.

...I loved getting different perspectives by guest lecturers in their area of expertise. It was interesting to hear all the details and stories behind the various studies.