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Spotlight: Peter Campbell, MHS '20


Peter Campbell is a second-year medical student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. We talked to Peter about his experiences in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering. 

Why did you choose to pursue your degree here? 

I chose the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health because of the outstanding faculty and supportive environment at the school. I came from undergraduate at Johns Hopkins where I was able to take classes and work at JHSPH before applying to the program. I had a great experience here and my phenomenal adviser, Dr. Megan Latshaw, encouraged me to apply for the EHE program.  

What did you like most about the MHS program? 

The flexibility of the MHS allowed me to pursue my interests in environmental health while also exploring and collaborating outside my discipline through classes in other departments and my final research project. My strong background from this program helped me secure a research fellowship with Johnson & Johnson, where I am currently a National Medical Fellowships J&J Aim scholar. 

What about your time here made the biggest impression? 

My time at Hopkins was marked by deep community involvement, both in school and in Baltimore. JHSPH offers incredible opportunities to make an impact in the health of our local community, like their SOURCE program, as well as projects to explore and advance public health at home and abroad. The diversity of experience and ideas drew me to the school originally, and I was not disappointed after arriving. In class I was challenged to expand my thinking and viewpoints; and while researching my final project I was able to put into practice the new skills I had learned. There is also an incredible wealth of research opportunities at the school which I encourage all students to get involved with.  

What advice do you have for prospective students? 

My advice for students interested in environmental health, as well as public health in general, is to put yourself out there and engage in opportunities that come your way. Try to view everything as a learning experience and don't get too discouraged by setbacks and obstacles. Public health is extremely exciting and dynamic, so a willingness to learn and enthusiasm about the field is essential!