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Reflecting on the past two years


Having now weathered two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are reflecting on the unprecedented and destabilizing events of two years ago, where we are now, and where we are headed.

Two years ago this week, we were adjusting to new and unknown territory, having just moved all classes to the virtual environment and shifted to teleworking in large numbers. Today, almost exactly two years later, we are beginning to come back to campus, protected by our vaccines and boosters and able to relax our mitigation measures. 

In the time between, we launched countless new research projects, elevated our online and hybrid teaching, and changed the way we work and learn. We comforted each other as so many fell ill and lost loved ones. We educated naysayers, countered misinformation, and endured threats and harassment for believing in and advocating for public health.

We have shown leadership, been humbled, and learned lessons, while demonstrating strength, dedication, and resilience.

I couldn’t be more proud. We grew stronger together, even while maintaining our distance. I know we will move ahead together and continue to fight COVID-19, to address so many other pressing public health challenges, and to advocate for a future in which we will be healthier and more protected.

I am optimistic because of all that you achieved in the past two years when the world needed you. I know, too, that we will press forward and advance human health, no matter what it takes. I am so grateful to each of you, for being part of a determined public health community.