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The American Visionary Art Museum names Alan Goldberg an Ambassador of Compassion

Honor recognizes lifetime of work in animal welfare

Danielle Underferth

The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore has named professor emeritus and associate chair, Alan Goldberg, PhD, an Ambassador of Compassion for championing the humane treatment of animals and developing alternatives to animal testing. The honor is in conjunction with the exhibit, “Healing and the Art of Compassion (and the Lack Thereof!).” 

Goldberg who also leads the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering’s , Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity initiative, described the honor as a “wonderful surprise.” 

“The AVAM recognition goes beyond the science and recognizes my contributions to farm animals and the environment. It is recognizes a life’s work rather than a single aspect, and that is so meaningful,” says Goldberg who is founding director of the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing established in 1981. 

A statement from the museum reads, “Humanitarian scientist, Alan Goldberg, PhD has coordinated a worldwide commitment to halt the inhumane use of animals in medical research while supplying better non-animal research alternatives. A champion of animal, human, and farming/environmental best and humane practices, Goldberg has spent decades inspiring a better understanding of how we humans, animals and our one shared environment are inextricably linked. Care for one necessitates better care and greater well-being for all.” 

The exhibit will run through September 2022.