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Practical Public Health Professional Development at the Summer Institutes


Take a course at the 2019 Summer Institutes—open to all, online or on campus, opportunities all summer long.

Do you have funds available for professional development? Don’t leave money on the table this summer—enroll in an online or on-campus public health course to enhance your career!

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The Summer Institutes at the Bloomberg School offer opportunities for the public to gain some public health knowledge and experience from a top-rated school of public health. With more than 120 courses that can be taken as for-credit or non-credit, the Institutes offer immersive experiences on the East Baltimore campus or online with condensed courses. This is a perfect opportunity for professionals in any field to gain practical knowledge about public health, for students to catch up on credits, or for anyone interested in taking a course at the Bloomberg School.

Anh LeSome professionals, like Le Kim Thi Anh, MD, travel internationally to spend a few weeks in Baltimore. A lecturer in Biostatistics at Hanoi University of Public Health in Vietnam, Le came to Baltimore to take two courses over two weeks in 2017: Applying Summary Measures of Population Health to Improve Health Systems and Hospital-Based Injury/Trauma Surveillance in Low and Middle-Income Countries. Le is part of a collaboration between the Bloomberg School and Hanoi University and was eager for the opportunity to learn and further her career in a short-term format that fit her summer travel plans and professional goals. She will be adapting the course material learned here for her MPH students back in Vietnam.

Taking these courses is the fulfilment of a professional dream for Le. “I know that Hopkins is one of the best schools of public health in the world,” she says. “I got my MPH in Australia and my PhD in Switzerland, and I have had a dream to come here to take some training courses.”

Le cites the expertise of the professors as a major selling point of the Institutes. “After my first class, I felt more confident calculating indicators of burden of disease, mortality and morbidity,” she says.

Le has also found value in learning and working with her classmates. Many of them have had overlapping professional experiences and can knowledge share about public health in low- and middle-income countries like Vietnam.

“You learn a lot about the practical work in the field, which is a big advantage of the class. We could not get that online. [In class], we have a lot of time to discuss this directly with each other.”

Whether you choose to join us in the classroom in Baltimore or online from the comfort of your home, Summer Institutes provides an invaluable opportunity to jump start your summer education and training plans.

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