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National Children’s Study to Celebrate Children’s Health Day in Rockville


The National Children’s Study (NCS) will celebrate the second annual Montgomery County Children’s Health Day on Monday, March 26. Public health experts and community officials will address this year’s theme, “What does it mean to grow up healthy in Montgomery County?” during a panel discussion and parent resource fair. The event will also feature the premiere of  “It’s About Health: Voices from Montgomery County,” a short documentary created by NCS Community Health Workers that examines the importance of understanding health in Montgomery County children.  Montgomery County Children’s Health Day is open to the community and will take place at the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus in Rockville, Md. In addition to promoting infant and child health, overall wellness and health education, the event is designed to educate the community about the NCS.

The Johns Hopkins University National Children’s Study Center in Rockville is one of 37 centers across the country to implement the early phase of this study in which methodologies are developed and tested for the main study. The center in Rockville has completed one year of recruitment and many county women and families have agreed to participate. To date, 6,750 families have been recruited nationwide and 2,200 children were born into the study as of December 2011.


Montgomery County Children’s Health Day


March 26, 2012
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM


9601 Medical Center Drive, Gilchrest Hall
Rockville, MD 20850


Laura Caulfield, PhD, Professor of Human Nutrition at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Kristin Tribble, President of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs

Nsedu Witherspoon, Executive Director of the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN)

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Media contact for Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Natalie Wood-Wright at 410-614-6029 or Media contact for the Johns Hopkins University National Children's Study: Ruth Quinn at  410-614-3275  or