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Smoke-Free Monday


"Smoking causes damage to almost every organ of your body, not to mention the health risks from secondhand smoke to those around you. Quitting is never easy, but there are effective tools available online to help you quit. Mondays are a good day for anyone thinking about quitting to make a plan and find the information they need to begin the process of getting off cigarettes.

"SmokeFree.Gov, a website created by the National Cancer Institute, is challenging women to take the Smoke-Free Monday Pledge. The website says, 'Smoke-Free Mondays help you stay focused on quitting by renewing your commitment to a life without cigarettes every week. Every Monday is a chance to reflect on your reasons for quitting, celebrate your progress, and make a fresh start if you have slipped.'" To learn more click here.

Frances A. Stillman, EdD
Associate Professor, Department of Health, Behavior and Society
Co-Director, Institute for Global Tobacco Control
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Every Monday, the Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday Project, part of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, offers tips for preventing disease and injury, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check back each week for new tips or visit our archive.