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Faculty Recognized with 2007 Golden Apple Awards (web article)


Since 1992, the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association has annually recognized university faculty who excel in the art of instruction with its Excellence in Teaching Awards. The award allows each academic division of the university to publicly recognize the critical importance of teaching. The nomination and selection processes differ by school, but students must be involved in the selection.

The following faculty members are recipients of the 2007 Golden Apple awards, as the award is called in the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Homayoon Farzadegan

Homayoon Farzadegan, Epidemiology, Small Class

“I strongly believe in stress-free learning,” says Farzadegan. “My teaching philosophy is to provide a relaxed environment to diffuse knowledge and exchange ideas.”

Clive Shiff

Clive Shiff, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Small Class

Shiff developed Tropical Environmental Health, a two-unit course, to take advantage of the work he once did as a government health official, working to develop efficient pit latrines and water pumps for use in remote villages.

Sharon Krag

Sharon Krag, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medium Class

“It feels spectacular, I couldn’t be more excited,” says Krag, who despite winning the 2002 Stebbins Medal—one of the School’s highest honors—for her contribution to the teaching program at the School, wanted to retire with a Golden Apple.

Leon Gordis

Leon Gordis, Epidemiology, Large Class

“Even after all these years, I spend hours on every lecture, he says. “You have to have a little anxiety, a little adrenaline. If you get too comfortable up there, that’s a bad sign," says Gordis.

Edyth Schoenrich

Edyth Schoenrich, Health Policy and Management, Internet Class

This month, Schoenrich will receive her first Golden Apple for Current Issues in Public Health, an Internet-based course. But she insists that she does not deserve the entire award.

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