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Hyder To Receive International Road Safety Award (web article)


Adnan A. HyderAdnan A. Hyder, MD, MPH, PhD, an internationally-respected road traffic injury expert, will receive a 2006 Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) & Prince Michael International Road Safety award for his contributions towards global road safety. An assistant professor in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Department of International Health and Center for Injury Research and Policy, Hyder is being recognized for his leadership in research, publication and professional service in the field of road safety.

“Road traffic injuries are a large and growing global problem. Adnan Hyder has contributed a great deal of research to this field and I am pleased to learn that his efforts to understand and control road traffic injuries is being recognized,” said Robert Black, MD, MPH, professor and chair of the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Department of International Health.

Hyder’s research includes examining the impact of road traffic injuries in developing countries, evaluating potential interventions to reduce the burden of road traffic injuries in Asia and Africa and exploring equity and vulnerability in the distribution of road injuries. He was an editor of the landmark joint WHO and World Bank, World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention, and is currently Vice Chair of the Road Traffic Injuries Research Network.

The IRTE National Road Safety Awards were instituted in 2000 to acknowledge extraordinary contributions by individuals and organizations towards development of a positive road culture in traffic management and road safety in India. The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award recognizes achievements and innovations for improvement in road safety. It was instituted in 1987 to recognize those who have made outstanding achievements and innovations worldwide. The awards were combined in 2002.

The award will be presented Jan. 12, 2007, at the Road Safety Education for Developing Countries international conference in New Delhi, India.

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