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Our faculty are world-renowned experts, and trusted advisers to our students, public health leaders, and the public.

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Susan Baker
Health Policy and Management
Jeromie Ballreich
Assistant Scientist
Health Policy and Management

Jeromie Ballreich, PhD '17, MHS '12, is a health economist who focuses on leading research in areas of pharmaceutical policy and economic evaluations.

Sachini Bandara
Assistant Professor
Mental Health

Sachini Bandara, PhD ’18, MS, studies how public health policies can improve wellbeing for people who use drugs, have mental illness, or are involved in the carceral system.

Karen Bandeen-Roche

Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD, MS, creates statistical reasoning needed to learn how we can lengthen healthy life and increase independence for older adults.

Naor Bar-Zeev
Associate Professor
International Health

Naor Bar-Zeev PhD, MBiostat, MPH, MBBS, is a pediatric infectious disease physician who studies how to maximize vaccine benefits for low-resource, high-mortality areas.