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Infectious Disease Expert Amesh Adalja and Epidemiologist Keri Althoff appear weekly on Bloomberg QuickTake's 'QuickTake Charge' to share their thoughts on the latest news and findings surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and globally. 

New segments with Amesh Adalja air live on Wednesdays at 9:15 a.m. EST. New segments with Keri Althoff air live on Fridays at 9:15 a.m. EST. 

You can view our previous Bloomberg QuickTake segments below. 

Keri Althoff Bloomberg Quicktake
January 14, 2022

Omicron deaths in South Africa peaked at 15% of delta

Keri Althoff, associate professor of Epidemiology, discusses the trend in COVID cases, hospitalizations, and surges across the country. 

Amesh Adalja on Bloomberg Quicktake
January 12, 2022

Biden team looks to ramp up testing

Amesh Adalja, MD, discusses the importance of testing throughout the pandemic and the role it will play in moving COVID to an endemic state.

Amesh Adalja on Bloomberg Quicktake
January 5, 2022

Pandemic expectations for 2022

Amesh Adalja, MD, discusses pandemic expectations for 2022 as the Omicron variant continues to spread. 

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