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Assistant Professor

Departmental Affiliations

Contact Info

Research Interests

pediatric, primary care, disparities, child, mental health, homelessness

Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins
Blooomberg School of Public Health

I conduct research and evaluations focused on improving the quality and outcomes of mental health services.  

I am currently conducting a project for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) that uses Medicaid claims data to identify features of state mental health systems and Medicaid agencies that facilitate the delivery of evidence-based practices for individuals with serious mental illnesses.  

My other recent work has examined child mental health services in specialty and primary care settings. With support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), we analyzed Medicaid claims to examine patterns of care and costs for children with mental health challenges who receive services in hospitals and residential treatment facilities. We also recently conducted a survey of residential treatment facilities to determine the extent to which they have adopted policies and practices that are family-driven and youth-guided.

In my primary care work, I have collaborated with Dr. Lawrence Wissow on a clinical trial of a training that helped pediatricians communicate with families about mental health. We are currently adapting that training for paraprofessional nurses who work in a primary care clinic that serves Latino immigrant women and children.

Some of my other past work has included evaluations of interventions designed to promote the mental health of mothers and their children in Latino and Chinese immigrant communities in New York City, mental health services for Veterans, and the SOAR Initiative which helps homeless individuals obtain SSI/SSDI benefits.


Honors & Awards

Delta Omega Honor Society National Research Service Award, NIMH New Investigator Award, NIMH Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Systems Fellowship, NIMH Centers for Disease Control Summer Institute on Youth Violence Prevention Scholarship Psi Chi Honor Society Grant Reviewer, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Select Publications
  • Brown, JD, Ireys, HT, Allen, K, Pires, S., Blau, G. (2010). Family-driven, youth-guided practices in residential treatment: Findings from a national survey of residenital treatment providers. Residential Treatment for Children & Youth.

  • Allen, K., Pires, S. Brown. JD. (2010). Systems of care approaches in residential treatment facilities serving children with serious behavioral health needs. Center for Health Care Strategies. Available online

  • Brown, JD, Natzke, B, Gillingham, M, Ireys, H. (2010). State variation in out-of-home Medicaid mental health services for children and youth: An examination of residential treatment and inpatient hospital care. Administration and Policy in Mental Health.

  • Brown, JD, Hamilton, M., Natzke, B., Ireys, H., Gillingham, M. (2010). Out-of-home mental health service use among a state population of children and youth enrolled in Medicaid. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

  • Brown, JD, Ireys, HT, Allen, K, Barrett, K et al. Family and youth participation in the governance of residential treatment facilities. Submitted to Residential Treatment for Children & Youth.