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Innovative Methods – New Tools

Clinical Knowledge Hub - Conceptual Integration Of Rules, Data Sets, And Queries

  • PI:               Hadi Kharrazi, M.D., Ph.D., Gunther Schadow M.D. 
  • Funder:      National Library of Medicine
  • Status:        Results published

The objective of this project was to develop and demonstrate a new approach to semantic mapping and sharing of clinical decision support (CDS) and National Quality Forum (NQF) quality measures (QM) that is of practical use for population health studies within Health Information Exchange (HIE) repositories. The developed system was named Clinical Knowledge Hub (CKH) implying the centralized nature of clinical decision support and quality measures. This proof of concept research used retrospective patient data stored in the Indiana Network for Patient Care database.

Importing and adding new published guidelines such as NQF QMs and CDS rules can be accomplished on the fly by CKH. CKH can ease the application of NQF QM and CDS rules across a large population of an HIE. CKH can ease the retrieval of population health clusters and may reveal hidden trends. A total of 30 Arden CDS rules, 40 CARE CDS rules, and 100 NQF QM rules were converted and applied against INPC. Results demonstrated clear differences among providers in their adherence to certain guidelines. Further investigation is planned to reveal subtle differences in an automated fashion.


Abstract of this project is available here.