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Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research (CHSOR)

Albert Wu and Jodi Segal talking

The Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research (CHSOR) is dedicated to multidisciplinary research on policies and practices. We place a significant emphasis on understanding their impact on the quality of care and patient-centered outcomes. Our mission is to utilize evidence-based research to drive positive changes. We prioritize research on Federal and state policy issues, especially those concerning vulnerable populations.


Founded in 1969, CHSOR stands as one of the oldest and most prolific health services research centers in the United States. We invite you to explore the research interests and projects of our esteemed faculty members. Additionally, you can access our calendar for upcoming events and delve into select data resources and tools available to us.


Albert Wu

2023 Community Service Award Recipient

For the past 10 years, Albert Wu has been working on improving the health of people in East Baltimore by increasing communication and engagement between community-based organizations and Johns Hopkins hospitals and clinics. Since 2017, he has served as president of Baltimore CONNECT, a nonprofit network of community-based organizations, churches, and neighborhood associations that focuses on linking social and health care services across Baltimore.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wu helped establish a weekly conference call, then a Zoom meeting, to help distribute information and supplies. Since then, Baltimore CONNECT has given out countless food donations, as well as roughly 900,000 face masks, face shields, and hand sanitizers.

"I'm amazed by the dedication of the people on those virtual calls every week," he says. "CONNECT has become a two-way channel for getting information in real-time on what's happening with residents in East Baltimore—and on what resources are available to help them."