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Comparative Effectiveness Research

Comparative effectiveness research CHSOR

The Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research is delighted to share its experience in Comparative Effectiveness Research. Below are the featured examples of projects currently conducted by our faculty or successfully finalized and published:  

Structural Nested Models For Assessing The Safety And Effectiveness Of Generic Drugs

The project proposes methods to enhance the FDA’s ability to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of generic drugs relative to their branded counterparts using claims data and EMR.



Comparative Effectiveness Of Health System Vs. Multilevel Interventions To Reduce Hypertension Disparities

The project compares the effectiveness of clinic-based standard of care versus an intervention for reducing disparities and improving patient-centered outcomes among patients with hypertension.


Comparing Patient Centered Outcomes In The Management Of Pain Between Emergency Departments And Dedicated Acute Care Facilities For Adults With Sickle Cell Disease

The project tests whether the infusion clinic model improves healthcare delivery for adults with sickle cell disease seeking out care for their pain.