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Family Involvement In Older Adults’ Physician Visits

  • PI:             Jennifer Wolff, Ph.D.
  • Funder:    National Institute on Mental Health
  • Status:      Results published

This project relied on quantitative longitudinal analyses of the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, meta-analytic synthesis of the peer-review literature, qualitative analyses, and interventional techniques to examine the frequency, nature, and implications of family members’ involvement during older adults’ routine doctor visits.  This work demonstrates that a striking 40% of adults ages 65 and older routinely attend doctor visits with a family member or unpaid friend “companion.”  Older patients who attend medical visits with a companion are disproportionately vulnerable across dimensions of age, education, physical health, and cognitive function as compared with older adults who attend visits alone.  Family companions are most often spouses and adult children who actively participate during visits in varied ways that both help and hinder the quality of communication.  Study findings indicate that family companions’ behaviors are associated with patient participation during doctor visits, the quality of information exchange, and medical visit duration, and that they are amenable to intervention.


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