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Health Policy

Medicare At 50

  • PI:                    Karen Davis, Ph.D.
  • Funder:          The Commonwealth Fund
  • Status:            Ongoing

This project is producing a series of papers to mark Medicare’s 50th anniversary and frame the debate over the program’s future direction. The six papers, which are being prepared by Karen Davis and commissioned experts, will: 1) review Medicare’s signal accomplishments; 2) examine the Affordable Care Act’s implications for Medicare’s future; 3) offer options for redesigning Medicare to strengthen its beneficiary protections and encourage better health care choices; 4) describe approaches to improving care for high-need, high-cost beneficiaries; 5) highlight Medicare’s role in developing health care payment and delivery system reforms; and 6) discuss policies to improve Medicare’s financing and ensure its long-term solvency.


Blumenthal D, Davis K, Guterman S (2015)  Medicare at 50 – Origins and Evolution.  N Engl J Med, 372:479-486, January 29.

Blumenthal D, Davis K, Guterman S (2015)  Medicare at 50 – Moving forward.  N Engl J Med; 372:671-677 February 12.