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Current Projects

Mid-Atlantic Center for Cardiometabolic Health Equity (MACCHE) Projects

Avocado with silhouette of person with raised arms above text "Healthy for Two"

The Healthy for Two (H42)

H42 uses a health coaching intervention to promote health and wellness during pregnancy and through 6 months postpartum. H42 aims to support Black and Latinx women to return to their pre-pregnancy weight and promote long-term cardiometabolic health.

Heart with silhouettes of two hands reach to each other next to text "UNLOAD Heart Failure"

UNLOAD Heart Failure

Project UNLOAD Heart Failure examines community-based interventions for improving cardiorespiratory fitness in adults of low socio-economic status across urban, rural, and suburban settings.

five stick figures with red hearts on their chests stand in a line above text "LINKED-HEARTS"


The LINKED-HEARTS project focuses on improving blood pressure control among socially disadvantaged adults with uncontrolled hypertension in addition to comorbid diagnoses of diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

Research News

Keep up with the latest news and progress by about our current research projects.