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Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity

At the Center for Health Equity, we envision a community, a nation, and a world in which every person can achieve his or her best health.

Why are Health Disparities Everyone's Problem?

In Why Are Health Disparities Everyone's Problem? Dr. Lisa Cooper shows how we can work together to eliminate the injustices that plague our healthcare system and society.

“...not only an essential read but a central question for our time.”
- Marc H. Morial, President/CEO, National Urban League

Who we are

We are highly committed change agents. We are working to make healthcare institutions more equitable, communities more engaged, and health policies and practices more effective to eliminate disparities in health and healthcare in Baltimore, the United States, and the world. 

We understand health inequity is a complex problem that requires careful investigation from multiple perspectives.  Our multi-faceted approach integrates research, community engagement, education, and policy translation, and develops leaders.  We strive to, first, identify and remove barriers to optimal health, and second, develop and provide the resources, programs, and support systems that will help people from communities that have been economically and/or socially marginalized become, and stay, well. In our daily work we draw upon values that are critical to achieving health equity, such as respect, integrity, trustworthiness, collaboration, rigor, innovation, and social justice, to guide our actions. 

How We Focus on Health Equity

Participants gather in small groups


Learn about our research. Become a research collaborator, implementing partner, or supporter.

four CHE trainees


Offering educational events, workshops, degree courses and online MOOCs about health equity.

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We work closely with patients, community leaders, researchers, educators, and policymakers to carry out new health equity research, education, and advocacy initiatives.

Lisa Cooper shakes hands with President Biden


We are expanding the discourse regarding how best to achieve health equity goals. 

Mid-Atlantic Center for Cardiometabolic Health Equity (MACCHE)

Building on the research of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity, the Mid-Atlantic Center for Cardiometabolic Health Equity (MACCHE) aims to advance health equity in Maryland by tackling disparities in cardiometabolic diseases.

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MACCHE Mid-Atlantic Center for Cardiometabolic Health Equity