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Jam Sessions and Special Events

Our events program offers convening opportunities for health professional, researchers, students, and community residents or leaders to learn from each, present new ideas, make new connections. We host monthly Jam Sessions along with Special Events.

About Health Equity Jam Sessions

A central highlight is the monthly Health Equity Jam Sessions held at the Center. These offer opportunities for colleagues and community members to engage with one other in an informal setting. The goal of these Jam Sessions is to provide a supportive forum to discuss research ideas, proposals, research-in-progress, responses to peer review, career development, collaborations, and opportunities to be inspired and energized by each other.

  • Presenters come from the JHU community, other academic institutions, and our community partners.  The Jam Sessions series covers diverse equity-related health topics.
  • Health Equity Jam Sessions are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month, from September to May.
  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity is the primary sponsor of the Health Equity Jam Sessions; the Bloomberg American Health Initiative and the Alliance for a Healthier World are partnering co-sponsors of the sessions. 

Learn more and register for our upcoming Jam Sessions.

Further Resources: 

  • Review our collection of Event Round Ups with highlights from previous Jam Sessions.

  • To view the video archive of past Jam Sessions, please visit our YouTube channel. 

  • For more information about the Health Equity Jam Sessions and future presentation opportunities, please email the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity Training Core at  

About Health Equity Special Events 

Each year, the Center hosts or works with partners to offer a few special events which target a wide audience including community representation, local partners, media, policy makers along with researchers and health professionals.