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What We Do

A Comprehensive Strategy to Advance Health Equity. We promote equity in health and healthcare for socially at-risk populations through advancing scientific knowledge, educating and training scholars, engaging and partnering with communities, raising public awareness of health inequities, and advocating for changes in clinical practice and policy.  

Strategic Approach

We strive to, first, identify and remove barriers to optimal health, and second, develop and provide the resources, programs, and support systems that will help people from disadvantaged communities become, and stay, well.  Explore the strategies below to learn more about our comprehensive approach for addressing critical gaps to advance health equity for all. 


Education and Training

Community Engagement

Public Policy

Local Global Learning

Our Impact

"Health equity is about more than individuals or individual behaviour; it’s also about history and context of places and systems. It’s about system level factors contributing to inequities in health and opportunities to experience education, work, safe housing, and clean environments."

— Dr. Lisa Cooper, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity