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Randomized Trial of Achieving Healthy Lifestyles in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (ACHIEVE)

The ACHIEVE trial enrolled 291 overweight or obese adults from 10 community psychiatric rehabilitation outpatient programs in Maryland. The intervention group received group and individual weight management sessions and group exercise sessions for 18-months and at study end, lost 7 pounds compared to the control group.

The ACHIEVE trial won the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM)’s Best Published Research Paper of the Year Award for 2013, and the Society for Clinical Trials Trial of the Year Award for 2013 ( The study was also featured in a New York Times article.

Wide implementation of healthy weight interventions, like ACHIEVE, are needed for persons with serious mental illness. The ALACRITY core pilot study Adapting an Evidence-Based Weight Loss Intervention and Testing Strategies to Increase Implementation in Community Mental Health Programs will take important steps to translating and scaling up ACHIEVE for broad dissemination. (R01MH080964)



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