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Evaluating Avatar-Assisted Training and Assessment of Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based, patient centered communication method shown to be effective in helping people improve health behaviors and adhere to treatment regimens.

Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center investigators will develop and test an innovative motivational interviewing (MI) training approach for providers that includes a combination of brief in-person training followed by an online didactic and avatar MI practice module. Providers receive feedback on their performance, allowing them to continually test and refine their MI skills. This project aims to determine if avatar-assisted MI training supports development of the MI skills of mental health providers in each core pilot study (weight loss, smoking cessation, cardiovascular disease risk reduction) to deliver the evidence-based interventions among consumers with SMI. This project will provide preliminary data on the ability of an interactive, avatar-assisted training to accurately assess clinicians’ MI skills over time. It will assess beliefs about MI, importance and confidence to use MI both before and after in-person and avatar assisted training.