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Methods Core Projects

The transdisciplinary Methods Core Team's collective value is greater than the sum of its parts, creating new collaborations and synergies across Center research projects needed for the scale-up of effective interventions to reduce premature mortality in serious mental illness. The Methods Core includes research surrounding intervention development, measurement, implementation strategy development, and healthcare financing and policy.

The Methods Core Team will support all ALACRITY Center research activities and contribute to four areas of methods innovation that will yield practical and/or scientific products to inform future scale-up of physical health interventions in community mental health settings:

  1. Evaluating Avatar-Assisted Training and Assessment of Motivational Interviewing, led by Arlene Dalcin.
  2. Contributing to advanced quantitative methods to support intervention scale-up; including: Informing the design of Sequential, Multiple Assignment, Randomized Trials (SMARTs); Evaluating the heterogeneity of treatment effects; and Assessing the generalizability of trials to target populations. Led by Elizabeth Stuart with Amy Kilbourne and Nae-Yuh Wang.
  3. Building a systems model to characterize health impacts of implementing evidence-based interventions to decrease cardiovascular risk in persons with serious mental illness. Led by Tak Igusa with Elizabeth Stuart and Nae-Yuh Wang.