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The Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center for Health and Longevity in Mental Illness is funded through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Advanced Laboratories for Accelerating the Reach and Impact of Treatments for Youth and Adults with Mental Illness (ALACRITY) Program.


Mission & Vision

The ALACRITY Center’s mission will be realized through research, training, and community partnerships. 

ALACRITY Center Faculty, Staff, and Stakeholders sitting at a roundtable and engaged in discussion during the 2019 ALACRITY Center Research Day.
ALACRITY Center Director Dr. Gail Daumit, Co-Director Dr. Beth McGinty, and Intervention Development Core Director Ms. Arlene Dalcin standing together and holding a poster board with the ALACRITY Center logo.

Our People

The ALACRITY Center’s team includes researchers, leaders, and stakeholders with a variety of expertise and research interests.


The ALACRITY Center investigators partner with other colleagues and organizations to promote health and longevity for persons with serious mental illness.

Professional partners gathered together and standing near each other.  Two of the professionals are shaking hands.