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Current Projects

The Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center’s research projects focus on developing and testing innovative strategies to scale up evidence-based interventions to address all cardiovascular disease risk behaviors and risk factors in people with serious mental illness.

ALACRITY Studies on Intervention Scale-up

The Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center conducts core pilot studies and develops innovative research methods to support the scale-up of interventions to reduce premature mortality among people with serious mental illness.

An overhead view of researchers sitting around a table with their laptops. The researchers are engaged in discussion and are actively reviewing documents at the center of the table.
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DECIPHeR – Cardiovascular Health Equity

DECIPHeR is a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)-funded study that adapts and tests different implementation strategies to support the delivery of an evidenced-based intervention designed to reduce cardiovascular disease risk for people with serious mental illness.