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Road Traffic Injury Prevention

We’re pleased to offer a free, online training certificate program on Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, hosted via the platform TRAMS. Comprised of six required multimedia educational modules, and one advanced module, this comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics.

Modules in this training include:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Road Traffic Injury
  • Module 2: Concepts in Injury Prevention
  • Module 3: Risk Factors and Choosing Interventions for Road Traffic Injuries
  • Module 4: Injury Surveillance Systems
  • Module 5: Evaluation of Road Safety Interventions
  • Module 6: Influencing Policy for Road Traffic Injury Prevention
  • Optional Advanced Module: Assessing the Health and Economic Burden of RTIs

The program is free of cost and open to policy makers, researchers, educators, and anyone in the general public interested in learning more about RTIs.

We do not offer academic credit, but do provide a certification for completing course modules.