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Our team of expert faculty, researchers, and practitioners conduct hands-on training for collaborators in areas, such as project design and implementation, as well as data collection and analysis. We regularly lead workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from injury surveillance to trauma registries.

Our service arm offers customizable assessment and implementation training programs designed specifically for those institutions and communities that need them most. We’re capable of scaling our consultation services to the size and scope required for any project. Utilizing JH-IIRU’s extensive network of experts, consultations include, but are not limited to, global reports, national assessments, and technical assistance as needed.


For more than a decade, we’ve worked to address the burden of injury at a global scale to create a safer world free from injuries. And our diverse, multidisciplinary team is uniquely qualified to assist organizations from around the globe with its consulting service.

From conducting situational assessments to drafting policy and program recommendations, we’ve worked to make the world a safer place through the lens of injury prevention consultants.

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We’d love to help your team with a customizable, comprehensive plan to reduce injuries and save lives.

Interested in our services? Send us an email via and share your story. We'll be in touch!  

More Areas Of Work


Our portfolio centers on a wide variety of topics around injury, trauma, and disability, as well as intersectoral and systems-based approaches to finding novel and innovative solutions to address injuries at a global scale.



As an integral part of our mission, we use a three-pronged approach of learning by doing, workshops, and coursework to address the global burden of injuries. We focus on combining a strong public health approach, scientific principles and lessons, and successes from low- and middle-income countries.