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International Health Summit 2018

international health summit

Governments give high priority to tackling the economic and health issues of people in poverty. As a global challenge, many countries are committed to finding and applying new approaches to combat health inequity and poverty. In China, where coastal areas and inner-mainland economic development are vastly different, the arising challenge calls for new alliances and localized solutions. The Center worked together with Guizhou Medical School to hold the International Health Summit in Guizhou in hopes that professionals and experts in education, health policy-making, care delivery, and academia worldwide came together to discuss issues and share best practices to put forward practical solutions that address local needs and local conditions.

The first International Health Summit was held in Guian New District, Guizhou Province on 17 July, 2018. Representatives and leaders from academic and industry attended this summit to provide suggestions and guidance on community health and healthcare professional/talent training relevant to current public health issues and future healthcare needs.

Dean Ellen Mackenzie shared the mission of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) as a dedication to the improvement of health through discovery, dissemination, and translation of knowledge and the education of a diverse global community of research scientists and public health professionals. In the future, JHSPH will reinforce the excellence of programs and develop new educational offerings that anticipate the future needs in public health education. It will accelerate the discovery of new knowledge that will solve the world’s most pressing public health problems; improve health through genuine and sustained partnerships across the world, across the nation, with a special commitment to Baltimore; achieve excellence and impact through the recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive student, faculty, and staff and enhance quality of life and well-being for all members of the school’s community; and engage, inform and advocate to enhance the value of public health. All of these endeavors will be carried out in the pursuit of protecting health, saving lives, millions at a time.

International Health Summit

We expect such International Health Summit will be held regularly. Together with all partners who bring deep knowledge and expertise to the summit, from government agencies to healthcare facilities and companies to social organizations and patient groups, we will work together to make health systems more accessible, affordable, and of higher quality.