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Training & Education

training and education

Medical workers, like general practitioners, nurses, and hospital managers, are much needed in developing countries.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Hospital Management & Leadership Research strives to collaborate with our local partners and help cultivate and train healthcare professionals to provide appropriate and quality care. We focus on two key areas: professional continuing education and staff on-the-job training.

Professionals Continuing Education & Staff On-The-Job Training

In recent years, professional continuing education and staff on-the-job training are common practices at both state and local health and medical agencies aimed at improving the medical quality and clinical skills. According to some research, training and education are directly linked to medical staff’s career satisfaction.

There is much to be improved in professional continuing education and staff-on-the-job training, such as clinical instructors’ resource, teaching methods, curriculum, and etc. The Center will take effort to designing and implementing quality training and education programs, to help healthcare workforce to develop their ability to identify and solve problems.

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We appreciate innovative and evidence-based solutions, so we’re always looking for ideas with the vision and practicality to improve health quality in developing countries. If you are interested in hospital management, please send your project brief to us.