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Innovative Application of Patient Centered Integrated Care (PCIC) Model in China's Community Health Sector

—— An Assessment and Advisory Support to Shanxi Gaoping Shennong Health City Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project.

Innovative Application of Patient Centered Integrated Care

China's healthcare system is facing challenges such as rapidly increased burdens of an aging population and chronic non-communicable diseases; high-cost but low-value driven healthcare services delivery systems. One of the approaches to these challenges is to re-engineer and develop an innovative model that not only provides efficient and effective safety net services to unmet needs but also gives considerations to market mechanism and social equality. The PPP cooperation in healthcare might be one of the critical tools for innovation.

The Center will conduct a 2-year study and provide advisory support to the Gaoping Shennong Health City PPP project in Shanxi Province. This is one of the few PPP projects that emphasizes the operational efficiency of a community healthcare consortium. The goal of the study is to analyze the health economics and social impact of this project and determine the replicability of such a model in other comparable counties in China.