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Evidence-based healthcare is very important because it is a foundation for action and can inform decisions.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Hospital Management & Leadership Research will carry out research and evaluation activities, especially in hospital management and primary care, to provide information and knowledge which can be used in projects.

We focus on research projects in hospital management, leadership, healthcare management talent training, and primary care. We will carry out a range of types of research to promote economically and culturally suitable healthcare models for different regions.

We also look forward to working with individuals and organizations to conduct research projects, and present research results at international forums, disseminate our latest findings and ideas, and advocate for industry concerns about hospital management, primary care and the elimination of health inequalities.

News & Events

  • The International Health Summit
    Governments give high priority to tackling the economic and health issues of people in poverty. As a global challenge, many countries are committed to finding and applying new approaches to combat health inequity and poverty.

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We appreciate innovative and evidence-based solutions, so we’re always looking for ideas with the vision and practicality to improve health quality in developing countries. If you are interested in hospital management, please send your project brief to us.