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Adaptation and application of interactive chronic-disease (diabetes) management model such as that of SIMCARE in China

adapatation and application simcare

The goal of this project is to adapt and localize the chronic-disease (diabetes) management model in China, such as SIMCARE, a practice-based learning tool developed through the partnership of academic institutes and technology companies. SIMCARE allows physicians and patients to acquire chronic-disease management knowledge and skills. Such a tool will equip Chinese physicians and other non-clinical health workers and patients with advanced and comprehensive chronic-disease management knowledge. The main task of the Center in this project is to hold internationally renowned experts to validate the process and the final SIMCARE’s Chinese version to ensure it will meet the needs of diabetes caregivers in China. Given the epidemic of diabetes in China and the shortage of caregivers, this tool will hope to play an essential role in the speedy and high-quality training for disease management workers across China. However, before the project can be launched, an agreement has to be reached with SIMCARE for its contents to be studied and modified in the Chinese setting and for its copyright to be respected.