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Evaluation of Potential Projects

evaluation of potential projects

In December 2017, Professor Shi, the Director of the Center, Professor Chen, the Vice Dean of Fudan University School of Public Health, and the principal of the Center’s Fudan partner, came together to Yanyang Town, Meixian County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province for investigating local health resources. They visited the community health center and community health site, having discussions with medical staff about the challenges and opportunities for the development of healthcare facilities in the township. In China, the government now strives to make great efforts to promote the integrated medical system, and improving the level of primary care is an essential part of the integrated system. The Center will carry out key projects in community health to promote people-centered, integrated-care with local government, medical staff, and healthcare facilities.

  • The preliminary results of evaluation in Meizhou city were as follows:

    • Medical devices and equipment have been put in use, but there is a big challenge in staff shortage and continued medical training.

    • There is a gap of 9350 healthcare workers in the county alone, 5000 of them are in the primary care network, 2000 of them are lacked in other preventive care.

    • There is Medical College of Jiaying in the county of Meizhou: 4380 full-time students, 1325 part-time students; no medical residency program is offered; Only 30% of graduates stay in Meizhou for employment; unable to meet the government’s 5-year workforce planning.

  • In conclusion, the training and employment of medical and health talents was the biggest challenge even in more economically advanced places.