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Primary Care

primary care

Primary care is the cornerstone of a healthcare system.

The Asia-Pacific Center for Hospital Management & Leadership Research will carry out key projects in community health to achieve people-centered integrated-care with local government, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities. 

Professionals and other staff in primary care services on the front lines of healthcare are often the first to see health concerns and can keep close relationships with patients and their families.

A good and strong primary care system requires several characteristics, such as comprehensive care, patient-centered care, coordinated care, accessible services, quality, and safety. It ensures patients get the proper care, in the right setting, and most importantly, with their desires and values put first. Reliable primary care systems can also lower the cost of healthcare.

News & Events

  • Potential Projects Evaluation
    In December 2017, Professor Shi, the Director of the Center, Professor Chen, the Vice Dean of Fudan University School of Public Health, and the principal of the Center’s Fudan partner, came together to Yanyang Town, Meixian County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province for investigating local health resources.

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We appreciate innovative and evidence-based solutions, so we’re always looking for ideas with the vision and practicality to improve health quality in developing countries. If you are interested in hospital management, please send your project brief to us.