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Removing Insult From Injury: Disclosing Adverse Events

Removing Insult from Injury

Provides education to physicians and hospitals in how to effectively disclose adverse events to patients and families. 

The video, Removing Insult from injury: Disclosing Adverse Events, is a teaching aid for health care workers and risk managers to help them manage and conduct disclosure discussions. Three vignettes – an Overlooked Mammogram, a Chemotherapy Overdose, and Slow Response to Pages by a Pediatric Surgeon - illustrate key elements in the disclosure process. In each subject chapter actors portray the physician and patient or family member in a dialogue where the physician discloses an adverse event. In the Facilitator Guide, which provides additional information to compliment the video, the text of each example disclosure is included and differences between those examples are highlighted.

The 26-minute video is on the DVD and CD, along with the full-length versions of 6 sample disclosures and a pdf version of the Facilitator Guide. The video won a Bronze World Medal at the New York Festivals: Film and Video in the Health Care Professional Education category. The full package content is described here.

The package can be purchased for $99.95, before taxes, plus shipping and handling. Institutional licenses, which allow for posting the video on an Institution's Intranet, are available for $1000.00.

For purchase, or for any questions, please contact Mary Breckenridge-Keyes at 410-955-6562 or

The video is written by:
Albert W. Wu, MD, MPH
Samantha L. Stokes, MPH

Produced by: Johns Hopkins Medical Video & Multimedia, a division of Accelera
Made Possible by: MCIC Vermont, Inc. and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality