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Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management

Considers patient safety and risk at all levels of the healthcare system from patients to practitioners, managers, organizations, and policy makers.

Aims And Scope

The Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management, formerly named Clinical Risk, is a peer-reviewed journal available in print and online that provides an international forum for the exchange of new knowledge and ideas in the fields of patient safety, risk management, and medico-legal issues.
It prioritizes evidence-based research papers and reviews, as well as commentaries on timely patient safety issues where there are implications for patient care, clinical and professional practice, health care governance, and policy.
The Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management promotes a multidisciplinary, mixed-methods approach to understanding and improving patient safety.
The Journal offers a unique analytical voice on the implications of negligence cases and presents cases from around the world.

Editorial Board Includes:

Editor-in-Chief Albert Wu, MD, MPH

Associate Editor: Elliott Haut, MD, PhD

The Journal's Philosophy

"To learn from our mistakes, we first need to acknowledge them and be aware that they affect the humans who are involved. Medical law will need to be transformed in a way that is compatible with this recognition. It seems to us that the best thing we can do is accept the central importance of errors in medical practice. We should then take the necessary steps to prevent them whenever we can, and deal with them when they do occur in a way that supports both patients and families, and healthcare workers."

An excerpt from the editorial by Albert Wu.