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Kangaroo Mother Care


Gopalgonj District, Bangladesh


This pilot in Gopalgonj district, Bangladesh is studying the use of kangaroo mother care in rural communities. 

Study Objectives

  • Understand newborn care practices and decision-making about newborn care in rural Bangladesh
  • Gather reactions of community members and stakeholders to kangaroo mother care
  • Gather suggestions for designing a community-based program promoting kangaroo mother care

Key Facts

  • Low birth weight and preterm babies contribute to the vast majority of newborn deaths and are at much higher risk of developing asphyxia, infection and hypothermia
  • Community-based newborn care interventions have focused on essential newborn care, resuscitation of asphyxiated babies and identification and management of newborn infections
  • Kangaroo mother care is a low-cost and low-technology intervention that has been proven as safe and effective as conventional care among low birth weight newborns in hospital settings
  • Evidence is needed to demonstrate that this kind of care can be effectively delivered at the community level

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Study Partners

  • Center for Sustainable Development and Research


  • Center for Global Health, Johns Hopkins University