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Online Courses

The Institute for Global Tobacco Control has been actively involved in developing educational and training programs for tobacco control since its inception, including free online trainings in global tobacco control and in-person leadership and certificate programs on the Johns Hopkins University campus and around the world. Our courses and offerings support the growth of tobacco control advocates globally. 

In a resource-poor country like Nigeria, where we see a number of patients who die from tobacco-related diseases as well as the knowledge gap in tobacco control, it is imperative for physicians to search for relevant information to help our patients.

—Participant, Learning from the Experts: A Course for Healthcare Professionals

Global Tobacco Control: Learning from the Experts

Designed for a broad audience of public health practitioners, researchers, policy makers, healthcare professionals, educators and more, this course provides a comprehensive overview of tobacco control topics and best practices, with a global perspective. Organized into six modules, the course is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Participants receive a certificate of completion for each course module they successfully complete.

Learning from the Experts: A Course for Healthcare Professionals

This course was designed for busy healthcare providers as a time-saving alternative for those who otherwise would not be able to complete our longer tobacco control training: Global Tobacco Control: Learning from the Experts. The free course contains three modules and is open to anyone interested in learning more about the role healthcare professionals play in tobacco control.

Tobacco and COVID-19

Launched in response to requests for information amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, this single-module course incorporates videos, animation, and the latest findings to provide a summary of evidence about the connection between tobacco use and COVID-19, including such topics as the impact of smoking on infection and spread, the effects of nicotine at a molecular level, and the behavior of the tobacco industry during the pandemic.