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About Us

Founded in 1998, the Institute for Global Tobacco Control works to build the evidence base informing efforts to effectively end the tobacco epidemic as soon as possible. We strive to produce and assemble the best available information to empower policymakers and public health professionals to implement policy changes to prevent tobacco-caused death and disease.

A group of people standing on a balcony with the Baltimore skyline behind them

The IGTC team came together in September 2022 for a group retreat.

We focus our work on opportunities we know can have an impact, like implementing 100% smoke-free public places, restricting tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, informing tobacco tax strategies, and supporting effective packaging policies to curb demand. We also conduct surveillance to monitor policy compliance, tobacco industry interference, and examine the strategies and implications behind nicotine and tobacco products that are introduced to the market. 

Together we have published hundreds of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, produced award-winning videos and reports, and presented our findings at conferences and convenings worldwide. 

Our commitment goes beyond the studies we conduct across the world. We have trained more than 2,000 professionals to be the next generation of tobacco control leaders through capacity building programs like our global, regional and country-specific leadership programs. 

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