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Improving Combination Prevention Safer Conception Packages for Individuals & Couples Affected by HIV

Project Dates: December 2015 – December 2017

Principal Investigator: Sheree Schwartz

Co-Investigators: Charles Holmes, Jean Bassett, Annelies Van Rie

Description: Safer conception methods are a combination of HIV transmission risk reduction strategies for HIV-affected couples trying to become pregnant. However despite growing acknowledgment of their importance, services are rarely available in high burden settings where the need is the greatest. The goal of this faculty development award is to improve the efficiency of safer conception services at an existing safer conception clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. The study will include qualitative work with existing safer conception clients to provide insight into conception barriers and the fidelity of couples’ implementation of safer conception strategies. Furthermore, we will pilot home-based ovulation predictor kits and assess their feasibility, acceptability and potential utility in resource-limited settings.

Collaboration Partners: Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Funding Source: Center for AIDS Research, Johns Hopkins University