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Addressing Gender-based Violence among Female Sex Workers

Lead: Michele Decker

CPHHR Co-Investigators: Nancy Glass, Susan Sherman, Stefan Baral, Andrea Wirtz

Our team uses community-collaborative partnerships to characterize violence against female sex workers, health impact and barriers to accessing justice, and inform prevention and response efforts. Our collaboration in Baltimore, MD with local rape crisis, domestic violence, sex work outreach and anti-trafficking programs, and HIV outreach efforts, generated INSPIRE, a brief trauma-informed intervention to support safety, violence prevention, and connection to support services for women in sex work. Evaluation efforts are underway with support from the Johns Hopkins Center for AIDS Research (P30AI094189). In collaboration with the Key Populations Program, our team is working with local partners to establish and evaluate a gender-based violence action plan in the context of HIV prevention and support programming in Cameroon. Elements include primary prevention, minimum services package for community-based organizations, and training and capacity building for health workers and peer educators working with female sex workers as well as men who have sex with men.