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Continuum of Prevention, Care and Treatment (CoPCT) of HIV/AIDS with Most At-Risk Populations (CHAMP)

Project Dates: April 2014 - March 2019

Principal Investigator: Stefan Baral

Description: The purpose of CHAMP is to improve the Government’s and civil society technical capacity to implement evidence-based prevention, care and treatment services to key populations in Cameroon. The goal of the program is to reduce HIV/STI infections and related morbidity and mortality, and ease the impact of HIV on the socioeconomic development of Cameroon. Within the CHAMP consortium, JHU is responsible for the design and implementation of operational research, as well as capacity building for CARE and CBO staff on operational research. JHU also provides technical support on the design and implementation of feedback mechanisms from KPs to inform service enhancements, and to the design of the referral and client tracking system. JHU is leading the implementation of Integrated Behavioral and Biological Survey to evaluate knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviors of KP in the four CHAMP target regions. Additionally, JHU is conducting mapping and characterization of KP venues, clinics, services and CBOs will be carried out in Southwest region and longitudinal data collection for program evaluation and orientation.

Partners: Care Cameroon, Global Viral (GV) and eight local community-based organizations: Moto Action, Alternatives Cameroun, CMWA, Horizons Femmes, Humanity First, ASAD, CAMNAFAW, SWAA Littoral

Funding Source: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)