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The LITE Study: American Cohort to Study HIV Acquisition among Transgender Women in High Risk Areas

Principal Investigators: Dr. Andrea Wirtz and Dr. Sari Reisner

Project Dates: July 2017 – July 2022​

Description: The LITE study is the first multi-site cohort of trans women in the United States. We will enroll 1,100 transgender women across six US cities (Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Miami) in order to estimate HIV incidence, as well as to describe the HIV prevention and care continuums among trans women in the eastern and southern United States. The study focuses on sexual health and HIV in order to learn about engagement in HIV prevention and treatment, but will also assess a wide range of health and social topics including access to gender affirming healthcare, violence, social support, and other topics.

Collaborative Partners: Harvard University, Fenway Health, Boston Children's Hospital, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, Emory University, Grady Memorial Hospital, Whitman-Walker Health, and University of Miami

Funding Source: This research is supported by Award Number UG3-AI133669, from the National Institute of Health. The LITE study is also appreciative of support from the Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR) at partner institutions including Johns Hopkins University (P30AI094189), Harvard University (P30 AI060354), Emory University (P30AI050409) and University of Miami (P30AI073961).