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CHSOR's 50th Anniversary

CHSOR, established as Health Services Research and Development Center (HSRDC) in 1969, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019

Anniversary Symposium: Chsor/hsrdc’s 50 Years Of Excellence

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The Center's Past: Reliving the Legacy of HSRDC and CHSOR 

This segment was a nostalgic dive into the center's illustrious past. Alumni of CHSOR reminisced about the center's pivotal moments, sharing personal anecdotes that ranged from scholarly breakthroughs to the vibrant social life of the center. Esteemed contributors to this segment included Laura Morlock, Sheila West, David Salkever, David Celentano, Ann Skinner, and Kevin Frick.

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The CHSOR of the Future: Charting the Path Ahead

This forward-looking segment, led by renowned futurist Jonathan Peck of the Institute for Alternative Futures, painted potential scenarios for the future of health services. Discussions spanned topics from the rise of local health policies and the resurgence of infectious diseases to the potential of AI in diagnostics and care scheduling. Attendees collaboratively crafted a visionary research agenda for CHSOR, embracing bold and innovative ideas.


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Panel Discussion At Johns Hopkins: The Future Of Health Services Research

Panel Future of Health Services Research, CHSOR

Held at Johns Hopkins, this panel discussion delved deep into the challenges and prospects of Health Services Research. With the field grappling with dwindling funds, there's an urgent need to amplify its relevance to both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

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Esteemed panelists, including Darrell Gaskin, Claudia Salzberg, Stephen Shortell, and Jonathan Weiner, along with speaker Danielle Whicher and moderator Albert Wu, engaged in a robust dialogue. They explored strategies to align research findings with the expectations of policymakers, enhance organizational decision-making, and effectively communicate the impact of Health Services Research. The discussion also touched upon the importance of extracting meaningful insights from data and the evolving educational needs in the domain. Emphasizing the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, the panel highlighted CHSOR's pivotal role in fostering such synergies.   

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