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Community Advisory Board

CAB 2019

Community input is vital to our success.

The Center is supported by a sixty-plus member advisory board made up of representatives from community-based organizations, neighborhood associations, universities, government agencies, biotechnology companies, healthcare systems, as well as patients and doctors. Center faculty and staff look to the community for advice at every stage of development. In addition to attending quarterly meetings, Community Advisory Board members serve on committees to help in project development.

Since 2010 we have been meeting as a group of people promoting healthy communities free of health disparities. Building a cohesive group that works well together requires good timing, shared values and commitment, and our strong focus on respect and collaboration has resulted in a low rate of turnover in membership.

Together, we developed the CAB’s mission, vision and goals early in the process and conduct annual reviews to reaffirm these constructs. We also continue to engage new members and to work together on new research, education, and advocacy initiatives

Community Advisory Board (CAB) Mission, Vision and Goals

Vision: Healthy and just communities in Baltimore and beyond.

Mission: To promote health equity in communities locally and globally through strong community-academic partnerships.

Be a Community Advisory Board Member

Do you want to promote health equity in your community? If so, please join us!  

Joining the Community Advisory Board (CAB) offers our members a chance to meet others who care about making our communities healthier, such as policy makers, community members, scientists, and researchers. Members learn about different diseases people live with every day and discuss research and educational projects that improve the health of the community, as well as how to engage policy makers in addressing the problems of communities experiencing health inequities. 

  • If you are interested in more information about the Community Advisory Board, send us an email at or call us at 410-614-2412