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We translate research into real-world impact, through evidence-based communications, advocacy, and policy engagement strategies. A home for partnerships, programs, and practice that drive progress on public health, the Lerner Center inspires bold action for public health equity, access, and impact.

Our Vision

A diverse, dynamic field of advocates ready to solve the greatest public health challenges of our time.

Our Mission

Build and support the field of public health advocacy through excellence in partnerships, teaching, and practice that inspires action on our greatest public health challenges. Rooted in evidence and rigor, our programming drives action that demonstrably prevents diseases, promotes equity, and improves public health impact.

Our Team

Shelley Hearne, white woman with short light hair wearing a red jacket

Shelley Hearne, DrPH

Lerner Center for Public Health Advocacy
Deans Sommer and Klag Professor of the Practice in Public Health Advocacy

Diane Coraggio, white woman with dark hair wearing a blue sweater

Diane Coraggio, MHS

Chief of Staff
Lerner Center for Public Health Advocacy

Amber-Ray Davidson, Black woman with dark hear wearing a leopard print shirt

Amber-Ray Davidson, MS

Communications Associate
Lerner Center for Public Health Advocacy

Meghan Ames, MSPH, RD

Education Program Manager
Lerner Center for Public Health Advocacy

Martha Ruffin, white woman with light hair wearing glasses and a black shirt

Martha Ruffin

Program Coordinator
Lerner Center for Public Health Advocacy

Avéon Laine

Communications Specialist
Lerner Center for Public Health Advocacy

Chanel Britt

Sr. Administrative Coordinator
Department of Health Policy and Management

Our Collaborators

Joanna Cohen
Health, Behavior and Society

Joanna Cohen, PhD, MHSc, is Chair of the Department of Health, Behavior & Society. She conducts research and capacity building to inform and advance interventions to eliminate tobacco-caused death and disease.

Shannon Frattaroli
Health Policy and Management

Shannon Frattaroli, PhD ’99, MPH ’94, translates evidence about injury and violence prevention into policies and practices that will create safe places for people to thrive.

Joshua Horwitz
Distinguished Professor of the Practice
Health Policy and Management

Josh Horwitz, JD, works to reduce gun violence by utilizing public health research and health equity analysis to build advocacy campaigns that meet critical opportunities in the policy development process.

Celia Karp
Assistant Professor
Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Celia Karp, PhD ’20, investigates reproductive empowerment, access to quality health care, and availability and use of maternal and reproductive health services.

Keshia Pollack Porter
Health Policy and Management

Keshia Pollack Porter, PhD ’06, MPH, uses research to advance policies that promote health equity, especially where people live, work, play, and travel.

Beth Resnick
Practice Professor
Health Policy and Management

Beth Resnick, DrPH, MPH ’95, conducts systems research to transform state and local public health agencies by strengthening infrastructure and stimulating performance improvement.

Joshua Sharfstein
Distinguished Professor of the Practice
Health Policy and Management

Joshua Sharfstein, MD, works to develop and promote public health strategies, healthcare payment approaches, and regulatory policies that advance health and equity.